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Hi, I'm Matt

Over 10 years ago I decided I wanted to work for myself,
to be free of the shackles of working for someone and
having control of my life. I explored a variety of options and
ended up working online giving me the freedom that I desired

When I started online I knew nothing and spent a lot of time learning the in's and out's of the online world of business

I created Control Seeker to help entrepreneurs looking to start a business online. Taking them from the very beginning of their journey to understanding what it takes to work online.

Matt Outside

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Starting An Online Business Is Not About Your Idea
Its About How Can You Make a Business Around This Idea
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  • Find The Mindset To Help You Succeed
  • Define Your Business
  • Find The Right Idea
  • Learn To Target Your Customer In Your Niche
  • Determine What To Offer And How
  • Gather All The Tools To Setup Your Business
  • Set The Right Price
  • Gain An Edge In Marketing
  • And More
Gain The Power To Change Your Mindset
Target Customers
Develop Your Customers And Your Niche
Find The Right Business
Narrow Down The Right Idea
Running Your Business
Learn The Essentials Of Your Business
Visions And Values
Determine How You Will Guide Your Own Business
Differentiate Yourself

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  • Over 10 Years Experience¬†

  • Built For Individuals With No Online Background

  • We Understand The Small Details That You Need

  • Updated For Current Trends and Changes

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Full Access To All Courses
Includes All Future Courses
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